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Shop Insurance & Office Insurance

Covering all shops, offices and businesses from high street relailors to more secluded settings - our commercial SME specialists will cater for your needs.

In what can often be a complex and time consuming task of finding your cover to suit your needs at the best possible price. Allow us to do the work for you so you can allocate your valuable time for your business.

Our aftercare support for you is extremely accessible and hassle free - we look after you throughout your time with us and build relationships with all our clients.

This type of insurance covers you for risks such as;

  • Property damage
  • Loss, theft & damage to equipment
  • Business interruption
  • Employee sickness or injury in the workplace
  • Public injury


Adding Contracts All Risk's Cover can provide content cover on an "all-risk" basis meaning we can cover you for all eventualities, in all locations for items such as mobile phones.

Equipment Breakdown - with this cover; you'll be safeguarded for day operations of your business in the event that your equipment has broken down.

Seasonal Cover is something we have found adds value to many businesses. this cover is specific to retailors that have seasonal stock highs and lows. Cover can be adjusted mid-term to help reduce premiums.

Cover includes public and product liability, employer's liability, accidental damage, theft, fire, flood, stock, goods in transit, inspection cover, legal expenses and more.


Shop Insurance & Office Insurance

Salon Insurance & Beauticians Insurance

Wwhether you're an experienced beautician, nail technician, hairdresser or baber with a salon or even working from home, we can provide a comprehensive cost effective insurance solution that ensures your business is protected from any potential risks.

A consideration to take into account is whether you specialise in specific treatments.

If so, it may be worth adding "treatment insurance" to your policy.

This type of cover protects you if your business specialises in beauty treatments and if an injury may occur to a client including whether they have a reaction to treatment.

Other considerations; do you have sunbeds? rent a chair? work away from or at home?