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Charity & Community

Charity Combined

This product suits larger charities with an annual income or turnover of up to £1,500,000.
It provides cover for public and products liability and a number of different activities including fundraising events, office and admin work and attendance of trade shows, seminars, the sales of second hand goods and other activities which benefit the charity. This can be tailored to meet your needs inlcuding extras such as Cyber, Professional Indemnity and Employer’s Liability.

Charity & Community Charity Combined

Charity Insurance product highlights

We aim to provide comprehensive and affordable cover insuring charities, community groups, charitable trusts, voluntary organisations, community interest companies, social enterprises and more.

Cover can include options from the following:

  • Property damage for buildings and contents
  • Business interruption including for donations and grants
  • Employers’ liability including volunteers
  • Public and products liability
  • Trustees’ and management liability

We offer numerous insurance policies to cover your needs such as;

Charity / Community Groups

This package is available for the wide range of charitable organisations, including social enterprises, which operate throughout Northern Ireland.

Types of Cover

  • Options including liabilities, trustees and directors indemnity, legal expenses and cyber and numerous others.
  • Insurance for Clubs, Groups and Societies using rented premises.

We offer appropriate covers for clubs, groups and societies and their hired, rented or loaned premises providing public liability and other optional covers for the activities of clubs, groups and societies, whether at hired or rented premises or away from them.

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Small Charities

This policy has been designed specially for small charities, non-profit organisations, social enterprises and voluntary organisations.

Designed for smaller or newly set-up charities

Annual income or turnover must not exceed £250,000, but assets can be worth up to £500,000.

Public and products liability can be supplemented with cover for community work activities, legal expenses, PR crisis helpline, trustee and directors indemnity etc.